Love of tea

Love of teaI realized lately that I have a lot of tea. An abundance of tea, actually. Boxes upon boxes housing at least a couple dozen varieties that I’ve managed to accumulate over my travels and from the trips and adventures of my friends and family.

It’s my love of tea that has led to this. A slow accumulation of many teas of all kinds. And the travesty is that I haven’t been drinking it lately as I’ve been on a road a lot.

So the obvious answer: I have to drink it. Now. And as of this week, I’m drinking a different kind every day. None of this waiting until I’m feeling a little under the weather or saving it for a rainy day. Yesterday was the first one: a jasmine tea ball.

These tea balls are a full sensory experience – aesthetically and visually pleasing, aromatic and calming to smell, mild in flavour, and if you listen closely, you might hear the leaves unfurling and small air bubbles being released. After all, it’s the air bubbles that push apart the leaves. Each beautiful little tea ball is crafted in a way where they are tied delicately together and dried. When you steep them, they slowly blossom. I love that. The aesthetic of the blossoming tea ball into a gorgeous floral pattern.

Here’s a short¬†Vine¬†video of the tea opening up: