Special Delivery from Bento & Co!


Bento (bnt): A Japanese meal that is packed in a partitioned lacquered box, a single-portion takeout or home-packed meal common in Japanese cuisine.

Bento & Co.: A dream to the bento and all things Japanese food lover.

Living on the opposite side of the world from Japan, finding some of the specialty Japanese products can be difficult. Finding those products at a reasonable cost can pose an even greater challenge. After all, Japan is over an ocean or two away, and travel distance and import fees really can put a weighty price tag on products.

Enter Bento & Co. My recent shop obsession. They have been around since 2008 and open to the English market since 2010. Yet somehow, I only recently stumbled across it, but thank goodness I did!

For those living on this side of the world (ie: not in Asia), who love Japanese bentos and other adorable things from Japan and have a hard time finding these products… we are all in luck.

Featuring a vast array of unique and even some exclusive products, Bento & Co has since easily taken its place as one of my favourite online shops to date. Their curation of high quality Japanese bentos, bento-related items, specialty kitchenwares, and stationery is expert. Their prices, reasonable – even when factoring in duty (should you need to pay it). Their level of service is extraordinary. Every engagement with their customers, is personal, gracious, responsive, at times whimsical, but most of all consistently outstanding. And the best of all is that they will ship anywhere in the world. Yes, anywhere. Even if your country isn’t listed or does not come up in the shipping calculator tool, Bento & Co can and will ship your package to where you are.

If you happen to select express shipment, or if you happen to order past the threshold where Bento & Co will gift you the shipping charge, your box will arrive with shocking haste. Perhaps even within 48 hours. That’s practically the next day (for those where the time difference works in your favour). All very exciting.

People at my office loved what they saw from Bento & Co so much that we decided to put in a group order. True to expectation, the package arrived in Canada in less than 48 hours (nothing short of amazing) and the contents did not disappoint. Everything was as pictured and so far, has worked exactly as described. (More on this in the coming posts.)

So without further ado, our little goodies we got for people we love (and of course a little something for ourselves):

They’ll definitely be hearing from our little community again. The love of cute things runs deep in my group of family and friends – I’m sure we’ll have no shortage of gift ideas (or personal indulgences) for years to come.


4 thoughts on “Special Delivery from Bento & Co!

  1. Thanks, Jenn! I’ve been so inspired since picking up my items and have been making bento every day! Some of the things are super simple – I’ll post a couple here too. 🙂

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