Best seafood in town: Reykjavik’s Fish Company

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One of the things we’ve found, being in Reykjavik is that there is no shortage of fantastic places to eat. After a long day of diving, we went to check out the Fish Company on a recommendation from our dive guide the other night. “If you want the best seafood in the city, you should go to the Fish Company”, he said. Having dined there, I would say that if you want some of the best seafood in the world, go there. It was incredible.

We opted to go with the three-course Reykjavik chef’s special that featured three different fish from the locale. We started off our meal with home made, Icelandic multi-grain bread that came with herbal whipped butter and two sauces to accompany it: a sweet, chili sauce and a little tangier apple sauce.

We were then served an amuse bouche of salmon tartar garnished with watercress on a bed of buttersquash mash. The serving glasses were an absolute delight, and the texture and flavour of the salmon was wonderful.

For our appetizer, we had the option of trying minke whale or a fish soup. Our curiosity got the better of us, and we chose the minke whale. I have heard that whale must be prepared carefully with the cut of meat equally as carefully selected, as it can come off very fatty. Our cuts were perfect. The whale meat was garnished with charred seaweed with a caramelized balsamic sauce. It was served on a bed of caramelized onions and oyster mushrooms. The taste was similar to the finest AAA tenderloin beef – but better. It was unbelievably tender and the flavor with the seaweed and oyster mushrooms was a beautiful blend. I’m sorry Alberta, but I think I do prefer the whale to our cows.

The main course… catfish served on a bed of garlic mashed potatoes, accompanied by pickled pearl onions and topped with a beautiful saffron-scallop foam glaze. I cannot say enough good about this dish. This was the dish that danced waltzes around my mouth and breathlessly sighed into my waiting stomach. Sounds odd – but it’s how I felt eating this dish. It was truly magic. I have loved and enjoyed seafood all my life. My mother tells me stories of having to place a small piece of tilapia fish meat near the very back of my spoon when she would feed me as a baby to give me incentive to eat the spoonful. Fast-forward many years – I won’t say how many – I sat at our table at the Fish Company, eating my catfish as slowly as I possibly could, enjoying the combination of sweet, a hint of sour and aromatic flavors surrounding the absolute tenderest, fleshy fish I’ve ever had. My boyfriend watched me in awe – apparently, in real life, I devoured the fish faster than he’s ever seen me eat.

To end the meal, we had a tiramisu topped with fresh and dried melon foam and melon cuts and a dallop of icecream. Perfect. Dessert is usually one of the most exciting parts of a meal, but at this point, I was still raving over the catfish. Still, the dessert was very good.

All in all, a fantastic experience. If you’re ever in Reykjavik – don’t miss the opportunity to go to the Fish Company. It’s right in the heart of the city near Hotel Plaza and the main square. The ambience is great and the food, magical. You won’t be disappointed either.

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